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Konstanz, Alemania 28 y 29 de Octubre

28 y 29 de octubre de 2023

Comienzo: Sábado 28 de Octubre 10:00 am
Finaliza: Domingo 29 de Octubre en la noche
El evento será dinámico, lo que significa que los horarios y la alineación cambiarán y se ajustarán.

HUB!8 Bücklestrasse 13 78467 Konstanz Alemania

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Llegada en avión:
Aeropuerto de Zúrich, ZRH (a unos 45 minutos de Konstanz ).
Conexión en tren directamente desde el aeropuerto a Konstanz

Movilidad en la ciudad:
Autobús y tren: Estación de tren de Fürstenberg (5 minutos a pie), Varias paradas de autobús en las inmediaciones.
Se pueden alquilar scooters, Konstanz es una ciudad ciclista
Coches: Algunas plazas de aparcamiento in situ o en los alrededores

Los camiones de comida estarán directamente en el lugar para el almuerzo y la cena

Alojamientos cercanos:
Ibis Hotel, Hampton In Hotel, B2B Hotel, HARBR. hotel (a unos 10 minutos a pie).
El albergue juvenil Konstanz está un poco más lejos, se puede llegar en autobús

Entrada gratuita

Acerca de esta Conferencia:


As we probably all realize, an old era is coming to an end.

Many voices are singing the song of doom at this time; as if a helplessness wants to impose itselfmercilessly. 

This is a time for people who really want to understand what is at stake now and do not resignthemselves to the forecast of a chaotic horizon.

These time needs perspectives that are not from this world; people who reach out to understand,who do not repetitively regurgitate what has already been said, but who can receive the unimaginableof heaven and advance into its dimensions. In short, it needs people who trust God to be God.

At this point, a morning of hope must dawn. That is why we want to create a forum to understand themultiple dimensions that must intertwine in order to establish the rulership of heaven on earth. This isresurrection power! We want to step into this amazing understanding together. We are charting pathsof possibilities to open up what is in heaven and make it possible on earth.

Where the dimension of the Mountain of God manifests, the Earth awakens into the reality of theChrist who brings it together with Heaven. It is time for the mountains to rise up and stand together! We ourselves are such stoic mountains as sons of God. We are not isolated entities, but we arecreated to live in oneness, in humility and with a servant heart in true brotherhood. 

Jesus is the morning star that wants to shine in our hearts. This reality calls us into more excellentand glorious dimensions of the prophetic in him. New things are already being born. A new day isawakened by the light of the morning star.

“And this voice we heard proceeding from heaven, when we were with him in the holy mountain. Andso we possess the prophetic word all the more firmly, and you do well to pay attention to it as to alamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts” 2 Peter 1:19-21.

The stars sing together with the sons of God and rejoice. This is the melody for a new era that opensnew ways for all nations. 

Be a part of it! 


Oct 28 - 29 2023
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